Car Name
Rimac Nevera
Car Manufacturer
Rimac Automobili
Car Price
1914 hp
Top speed
258 mph

Rimac Automobili presented the Nevera hypercar, a fully electric car with 1914 hp (1427 kW) and 258mph (415 km/h), worth 2 million euros.

Rimac engineers have perfected their new flagship at all levels during an extensive development program, with most of the key components developed in-house at Rimac's headquarters in Croatia. Underlining its commitment to the project, Mate Rimac will personally test each of the Nevera's before they are delivered to customers. The Rimac Nevera electric hypercar is manufactured in Zagreb, Croatia.

A full series of changes to the Nevera's bodywork, air diffusers and air intakes resulted in a 34% improvement in aerodynamic efficiency over early prototypes. The hood profile, the shape of the pillars and the design of the diffusers, splitters and radiators have all been thoroughly analyzed and refined to improve airflow and downforce. Cooling inlets and channels have been carefully developed to increase the cooling efficiency of brake and transmission systems, resulting in a 30% improvement at low speeds and a 7% improvement at high speeds.

Rimac has also created several new innovative active aerodynamic elements to elevate Nevera's cooling capabilities, performance, stability and efficiency. The front hood profile, underbody flap, rear diffuser and rear wing can each move independently, driven by complex algorithms that have provided the ultimate in aerodynamic configuration for every driving situation. Switching from 'high downforce' to 'low downforce' mode reduces downforce by 17.5% to create a drag coefficient of 0.3. Switching to a high downforce system increases downforce by 326%.

The light-alloy wheels feature a unique aerodynamic design that directs cooling air to the Brembo carbon-ceramic brake system and ensures a smooth flow of air along the sides of the car.

Rimac favours lean and effective engineering at every stage and this philosophy is exemplified in Nevera's elegant and timeless design, applied to every single detail. @via Rimac.

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