Car Name
Nissan Juke R
Car Manufacturer
Car Price
545 hp
Top speed
171 mph

Nissan Juke-R is the most advanced Nissan ever built and the first unit has already found a customer. Nissan managed to sell the first Juke-R model for a price of 500000 euros, about $656300. The customer received a Juke-R built on a modified Nissan GT-R platform and powered by a 3.8 litre V6 twin-turbo engine that develops 545 hp. Juke-R promises acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.0 seconds and ​​a top speed of 171mph (275 km/hour). In addition to technological developments, Nissan Juke-R series has a few design changes.

"The Juke-R's bumpers and side sills were redesigned, which is normally a very long process using full-size models in clay. However, we managed to condense the development time using full size viewing on our new 3D ready projector and power wall, maintaining a fully digital process while providing a true supercar quality finish to Juke-R," explained NDE's Digital Team Manager Darryl Scriven.

While the original Juke-R was based on the MY10 GT-R, the run of new cars will benefit from featuring the drivetrain and chassis of the MY12 GT-R and the build of the first cars initiated, the first three cars will be given to their new owners in late summer.

Gareth Dunsmore, Marketing Product Manager for the Juke, said: "The Juke-R was originally intended as a one-off concept to marry two of Nissan's most innovative models. But the reaction we had to the car in Dubai was amazing – people were making offers for the original on the street! "With such a strong reaction, and with three genuine offers on the table, we decided we had to make the car a reality. We can't let down enthusiasts who are this keen to add to their collection of cars. The Juke-R has become something of a sensation and I'm enormously proud of the impact it has had. There will be more news to come on Juke later in the year." Anyone wishing to register an interest in purchasing Nissan's most innovative Crossover yet should contact To coincide with the announcement, Nissan is also launching a cinematic online movie today at, in which the Juke-R stars.

Car manufacturer

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