The new Renault Megane is now launched as a Plug-in Hybrid. Megane was introduced in 1995 and has sold in over 7 million units worldwide. The new Megane E-TECH Plug-in Hybrid provides a chance to discover a new electric driving experience while limiting carbon dioxide emissions and fuel consumption.

Renault is applying its electric car expertise in the new Megane with a 160 hp E-TECH Plug-in Hybrid engine and a unique energy recovery technology. The hybrid engine, which has a battery capacity of 9.8 kWh (400 V), can be run on electricity for 50 km in mixed driving and 65 km in city driving. In mixed driving, the Megane consumes 1.3 l / 100 km and emits only 29 grams of CO2 / km.

The new Renault Megane Sport Tourer E-TECH Plug-in Hybrid is equipped with a 9.3-inch Renault EASY LINK multimedia display and a 10.2-inch digital driver display. Also, Megane has specific MULTI-SENSE settings with three different driving modes:

1. PURE: Switches to all-electric mode if there is enough power in the battery.

2. My Sense: Optimizes the hybrid mode for lower operating costs.

3. Sport: Allows the driver to take advantage of maximum performance.

The driving experience offered in the new Megane is focused on using electric power. It always starts with 100% electricity which gives the driver the same feeling and driving pleasure as in an electric car: torque is immediately available and responds immediately to acceleration.

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The comfort in the cabin is improved because the electric motor is so quiet. There is a noticeable reduction in the noise level when the electric motors complement the internal combustion engine.

Special efforts have been made to create a balance between the dynamic characteristics of the road and the comfort of the passengers. To compensate for the extra weight of the battery, the rear axle is now a multi-arm system rather than a semi-rigid axle, and the suspension settings have been really fine-tuned.

The new Megane E-TECH Plug-in Hybrid retains the recognized road handling characteristics of the combustion versions, and the boot volume is not significantly affected (447 litres).

Sales started with a recommended price of 33,000 euros.

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