Car Name
Lamborghini Reventon
Car Manufacturer
Car Price
650 hp
Top speed
221 mph

Lamborghini Reventon had its debut at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show. Lamborghini Reventon it is said to be the most outrageous and expensive Lamborghini car ever made. Lamborghini Reventon production is limited-series of 20 models and it was sold out before the cars were even made.

The Reventón is the name of a fighting bull, in harmony with Lamborghini tradition. Reventón implies  "explosion" or "burst" in Spanish.

The instrument panel in the Lamborghini Reventon comprises three TFT liquid crystal displays (LCDs) with two different display modes. The instruments are housed in a structure milled from a solid aluminium block, protected by a carbon-fibre casing.

The car's instrumentation includes a "G-Force-Meter" which displays the magnitude and direction of the g-forces acting upon the car. The seats of the Reventón are black leather and brown Alcantara.

The Lamborghini Reventon features an all-new carbon fibre exterior. All Reventóns have the same exterior colour, described as "mid opaque grey without the usual shine." Lamborghini has also picked up some of the parent company Audi's design language. It is the first Lamborghini to incorporate daylight running lights into the headlamps. Seven light-emitting diodes (LEDs) at each headlamp flank the bi-Xenon main beam and stay lit whenever the car is in motion. Due to the high temperatures in the rear lower part of the car, special heatproof LEDs are used for the indicator and hazard lights, stoplights and rear lights with a triple arrow optical effect.

Car manufacturer

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