Koenigsegg Agera is an expensive Swedish car

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Car Name
Koenigsegg Agera
Car Manufacturer
Car Price
Top speed
245 mph
940 hp

Koenigsegg Agera is a stunning and expensive Swedish car named after the verb “to act”. Koenigsegg Agera is celebrating the company’s 15th anniversary. The Koenigsegg Agera features a V8 910 horsepower engine that can reach 62 mph (100 km/h) in 3 seconds or less. Agera is a successor to the Koenigsegg CCX/CCXR.

The Koenigsegg Agera is created with the minimalistic philosophy less is more. This basis suggests that the configuration of the car has to be completely functional with no attached features except those genuinely needed to meet regulation, added safety, comfort and aerodynamics.

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The Koenigsegg Agera sets new benchmarks for hypercars when it comes to controlling, handling, acceleration, luxury, practicality and sheer driving pleasure while mixing these characteristics with fresh, practical and attractive design.

The Agera is timeless, dynamic and unique shape is truly fresh and highly competitive today. The Agera succeed to remain true to the original philosophy and at the same time, it looks, feels and functions like something belonging to the future.

Koenigsegg offers a 5 litre V8 bi-turbo engine which develops 940 hp and over 1100 Nm of torque.

These are amazing numbers considering the capacity and safety of the engine and they are achieved without skipping drivability or flexibility. These qualities make it one of the most adaptable and easy to use hypercars in the world. The Koenigsegg engines also satisfy all the necessary emission standards.

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