Mansory Ferrari Siracusa: powerful functionality and luxurious ambiance

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Car Name
Mansory Ferrari Siracusa
Car Manufacturer
Car Price
Top speed
205 mph
590 hp

The Mansory Ferrari Siracusa is based on the Ferrari 458 Italia. The main eye catcher of the new Siracusa front is the striking apron with its optimised air inlets for better ventilation of the front coolers. The top speed is 330 km, higher than with the basic Ferrari model.

Aside from more enhanced performance and a heightened design, mainly the weight of the automobile was decreased. MANSORY proceeds to apply this the ultra-light and high-strength material with the Siracusa by making carbon the principal material of all body elements. Every single element of design is built in perfect quality and precisely adapted to the vehicle.

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Compared to the normal Ferrari 458 Italia, the Mansory Ferrari Siracusa is 60 kilogramme lighter.

The Mansory Ferrari Siracusa has 590 hp / 434 kW and 560 Nm, the eight cylinder car accelerates in 3.2 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h.

The vehicle elements in the Siracusa are uniquely tailored to the improved engine and the dynamic driving performance. The centre of gravity is lowered by 20 millimetres. Also, MANSORY adds forged rims with central locking in the dimensions 9 x 20 and 11 x 21 with Michelin PS2 tyres: 245/35 ZR20 at the front axle and 305/30 ZR21 at the rear axle.

The interior is improved with the MANSORY refining collection. The MANSORY upholstery section stylishly connects most precious materials such as most fine leather, ultra-suede and carbon. The leather which is treated with masterly skill is very endurable and still exceptionally soft. The characteristic natural product with its special grain and the masterly perfected decorative stitches render an fantastic impression around the newly designed centre console. Another highlight is the newly developed full size airbag sports steering wheel and the aluminium pedals. MANSORY delivers the perfect symbiosis between powerful functionality and luxurious ambiance.

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