Ferrari FXX K hybrid supercar

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Car Name
Ferrari FXX K
Car Manufacturer
Car Price
Top speed
217 mph
1050 hp

Ferrari FXX K had its world premiere at Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi. The event is the annual celebration of the season Ferrari motorsport and all of its businesses. Ferrari FXX K will be offered only the most loyal customers of the brand. Because these cars are designed only for racing tracks, this means they cannot be registered to go on public roads.

The 6.3-litre V-12 engine of the car produces 1050 horsepower supported by a 190 horsepower electric motor. HY-KERS system provides the driver with four settings for maximum performance.

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A few days after the Ferrari FXX K supercar debut, the Italian brand announced that all copies have already been exhausted. The price set for FXX K is 3100000 US Dollars. Dimensions:

  • Length 4896 mm
  • Width 2051 mm
  • Height 1116 mm
  • Wheelbase 2650 mm

Tyres (Pirelli P-Zero slicks with sensors)

  • Front 285/650 - R19x10.5
  • Rear 345/725 - R20x13


  • 7-speed DCT

Carbon ceramic brakes (Brembo)

  • Front 398 x 223 x 36 mm
  • Rear 380 x 253 x 34 mm

Electronic controls

  • ESC stability control
  • High perf ABS/EBD Performance anti-lock system/electronic brake balance
  • EF1-Trac F1 electronic traction control integrated with the hybrid system
  • E-Diff 3 third generation electronic differential
  • SCM-E Frs magnetorheological damping with twin solenoids (Al-Ni tube)
  • Aerodynamics active
Car manufacturer

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