Car Name
Bugatti Bolide
Car Manufacturer
Car Price
1600 hp
Top speed
310 mph

Last fall, the French brand Bugatti presented the concept of the Bolide hypercar, and now its serial version has debuted as part of the Monterey Car Week festival (California), which will be released in 40 copies worth 4 million euros each.

Bugatti developed the Bolide concept when there were rumours that the Volkswagen concern, which the French brand has been part of since 1998, wanted to get rid of it. These rumours were confirmed in July this year when it was officially announced that Bugatti would come under the Croatian electric hypercar company Rimac. Therefore, the new Bugatti models will be electric cars, but they will not be copies of the Rimac models, which will take several years to develop. Together with them, the Bugatti lineup is planned for models that use the technical heritage of the German concern, including the mighty 8.0-litre W16 engine with four turbochargers - the Bugatti Bolide is built around it.

The decision to release Bolide in a small series was facilitated not only by the certainty that appeared in the fate of Bugatti but also by requests from customers from all over the world - they say, "we want such a car in our collection". Naturally, Bugatti CEO Stefan Winkelmann gladly went to satisfy them, but the forty lucky ones who had the honour of parting with four million euros for the opportunity to ride the Bugatti Bolide personally will have to be patient - the start of deliveries is scheduled in 2024.

The fact is that the Bugatti Bolide is not a variety of Chiron road hypercar but an independent project with a new, lower and lighter carbon-titanium body and a racing chassis. If the Chiron is a comfortable, richly equipped and rather heavy car weighing under two tons, then the Bolide, as Winckelmann described it, "is just four wheels, an engine, a gearbox, a steering wheel and two seats." That is, the most ascetic, light and fast car for pilots strong in body and spirit.

The Bugatti Bolide borrowed from the Chiron only the engine (the W16 engine paired with a 7-speed "robot" with two clutches), and even that is optimized for track driving. Unfortunately, however, the characteristics of the production Bolide are worse than those of the concept: the maximum engine power is 1600 hp (Chiron has 1500 hp). The company explains this because the concept was designed to use racing fuel with an octane rating of 110, and the serial model will be powered by 98th gasoline - that's why the power is lower.

The weight of the Bugatti Bolide is 1450 kg, while the concept claimed weight of 1240 kg. Considering liquids (their mass in passenger cars rarely exceeds 100 kilograms), it turns out that the serial Bolide is about a centner heavier than the concept. The developers do not report what the extra pounds were spent; the press release only says that they tried to bring the production car as close as possible to the concept.

The dynamic characteristics have not yet been announced. At the concept stage, it was stated that Bugatti Bolide could accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 2.17 seconds and a maximum speed of over 500 km / h.

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