Bentley Continental GT Speed supercar

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Car Name
Bentley Continental GT Speed
Car Manufacturer
Car Price
Top speed
205 mph
616 hp

The new Bentley Continental GT Speed ​​has 25 hp in addition to the previous generation, launched in 2007. It uses the well-known 5.998 cmc W12 engine, with 48 valves and two turbochargers. The torque is 800 Nm (590 lb.ft), increased by 50 Nm compared to the 2007 version, and the power reached 625 hp at 6000 rev/min.

The maximum speed is limited to 330 km/h, and the acceleration 0-100 km/hour is achieved in just 4 seconds.

The engine has new fuel injection technology, developed by Volkswagen. Speed ​​consumes about 32 litres / 100 km. Bentley Continental GT Speed comes with a new ZF eight-speed close-ratio automatic transmission and state-of-the-art engine management software.

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Bentley Continental GT Speed has an all-wheel-drive system which offers maximum stability and the potential to reach the immense performance all year in practically any weather circumstances or road surface.

The W12 engine is fused with a ZF eight-speed transmission for the first time. Created to manage the utmost levels of torque, the gears cut acceleration times by guaranteeing that the engine is always at the perfect speed for peak torque delivery.

The new Bentley Continental GT Speed highlights important innovations to hardware and software for a sporty, interesting drive that meets the impressive powertrain. Aluminium double-wishbone front suspension feature improved air suspension springs and dampers for enhanced agility and frame control for a more athletic driving experience.

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