Audi S8 luxury sedan: interior, exterior, price and specs

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Car Name
Audi S8
Car Manufacturer
Car Price
Top speed
155 mph
571 hp

At the end of last year, Audi showed us the new S8, the most powerful version of the limousine in Ingolstadt, Germany. We were very impressed then, we are also impressed today to read its power specifications.

The Audi S8 has a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 under the hood, which has no less than 571 horsepower and 800 Newton-meter torque (available from 2,000 rpm). The gear is connected to the wheels by an 8-speed automatic transmission, and the resources are efficiently managed by the Quattro all-wheel-drive system.

The performance figures are, as we expected, just as impressive: the maximum speed is limited to 155 mph (250 km / h), and the acceleration is 0-60 mph (0-100 km / h) in 3.8 seconds, according to the manufacturer. But some people from Auditography show us that the time required for the sprint might be even shorter: the Audi S8 was able to perform the sprint in just 3.57 seconds.

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A brief reminder: the Audi S8 weighs over 2.2 tons.

In addition to the eight-speed automatic transmission and quattro all-wheel drive (with sports differential), you also get 20-inch wheels, LED headlights with Matrix technology, pneumatic suspension,  two-zone air conditioning, 360-degree camera system, leather upholstery, aluminium and carbon fiber inserts, electric and heated seats, adaptive autopilot, 10.1-inch diagonal infotainment system and Audi Connect, 12.3-inch digital instrument panel.

The list of standard chassis features also includes predictive adaptive suspension, which automatically changes the damping parameters to ensure optimum comfort on any tread surface. 

An optional feature is the 420 mm carbon-ceramic disc braking system on the front axle and 370 mm for the rear wheels.

In the desire to electrify (at different stages) the range of models, Audi also offers a mild-hybrid version for the S8, only in Europe. It is based, as in the other cases, on a 48V system and boasts a combined consumption of 11.3 l / 100 km (measured according to WLTP standards).

The Audi S8 has a starting price of $129,500.

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